Survive in their honor.

Pass Life is an online resource to help your family prepare for life’s unexpected turns. Give yourself and your family peace of mind by helping your spouse create a Pass Life account today.

Create a Free Account For Your Spouse

Easy to Use

Pass Life makes it easy for your spouse to set up an account now, and easy for you and other beneficiaries to access it from anywhere in the world when you need it most.

Fully Secure

Pass Life offers fully secure and encrypted storage of the most important information. If you unexpectedly lose your loved one, only the Trusted Agent will be able to unlock their secure data.

Comfort When it Counts

Pass Life provides peace of mind and eliminates stress for military families, whether their soldier is overseas or stateside. In case of the worst, the family is equipped to live on.

Funeral Preparations &
Last Wishes

Upload and record last wishes and desired funeral arrangements.


Upload your will and record inheritance wishes.

Financials &

Supply vital banking, credit and owned asset information.

Business Continuation

Record instructions for keeping your businesses running.

And Much,
Much More

Upload personal messages, videos, images, and more.