Duty to country.
Duty to family.

When it comes to the future well-being of your family, you want to be prepared.



Pass Life is a resource soldiers can use to prepare for their loved ones’ futures. Setting up a Pass Life account is a simple and affordable way to move one step past checking a box, and one step toward leaving a lasting legacy and peaceful transition to family.

When surveyed, 100 percent of service members using Pass Life considered it an improvement over other tools, and a majority said it's a "game-changing improvement."

"I wish programs like this existed throughout my time leading Soldiers in the Army to ease the burden on their families and assist navigating them through their bereavement."

Former Captain (O-3)

US Army Infantry Branch

6+ years of service

"As a former leader in the Marine Corps, a single-source repository such as Pass Life would have been exceptionally well received and useful for the service members and families."

Retired Gunner Sergeant (E-7)

US Marine Corps

20 years of service

"Accidents can happen anywhere and any time. Access to Pass Life at all times is important."

Active Duty Commander (O-5)


21+ years of service

"Pass Life is a fantastic tool I wish I’d had available when I was a Platoon Leader and Company Commander."

Former Captain (O-3)

US Army Armor Branch

6+ years of service

"Pass Life is specifically designed to help families with modern and complex considerations that are often overlooked as everyday aspects of life."

Active Duty Lieutenant Colonel (O-5)

US Army Aviation Branch

20+ years of service

"As a prior Casualty Assistance Calls Officer (CACO), I felt totally unprepared to do the job with minimal training and education. Having a tool like this as a CACO would be so relieving because I would be prepared to assist families in their time of need."

Active Duty Lieutenant (O-3)

US Coast Guard

11+ years of service

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